Objective: to provide a secure anchoring system for a 5 story hillside new construction project for a multi-million dollar home & swimming pool erected on a precipitous slope in Manoa. We utilized reinforced concrete walls with 83 micropiles & tiebacks for the retaining walls, grade beams and a swimming pool all on the steep hillside.

Concrete Flashing For Temporary Erosion ControlLoad TestingGrubbing SiteGuniting Retaining Wall & FooterReady To ShootMicropiles with Top Plates in Grade Beam SteelEstablishing The Drilling AngleMicropiling At Vertical CutGravel Backfilling With FeltGunitingExcavation For Grade BeamsMicropiling Lower FoundationGrade BeamsOverview of Grade Beam ExcavationSwimming Pool & Slab Prep