Objective: to realize the client’s dream of walking out to a front yard ADA accessible swimming pool with sweeping views of Honolulu in a location where the existing yard was heavily sloped and primarily air space. A swimming pool with deck was erected at 40 ft above road level and supported by massive retaining walls using micropiles and tiebacks. Through the use of micropiles, we were able to blend the substantial walls with the surrounding Victorian neighborhood while achieving the objective of an ADA accessible full sized pool in an otherwise “impossible” location.


Double Retaining WallSite for Retaining Walls and Swimming PoolSection of First Retaining WallTypical Double Cage Steel with Lower TiebackInstalling Upper Wall TiebacksWall Sleeving for Micropiles DrainageTop Form and Steel of 2nd Retaining WallGunite Retaining Walls for PoolNet Measurement Grout PenetrationPool Form SteelGuniting Pool Shell