Objective: to repair the significant foundation distress experienced by this large residence which was displaying signs of movement due to insufficient foundation support and settlement of loose fill.  Remedial work consisted of underpinning the existing pedestal footing with 48  micropiles,  with 255 feet of grade beams, and a new 33 foot retaining wall.

Micropiling at Existing Pedestal SupportsHouse on SlopeSteel for Grade BeamsDiameter, Micropile Grout ColumnReinforcement at Existing PedestalReinforcement at Existing PedestalMicropiling Under The HousePartial Completed Grade BeamsMicropiling at Base of Retaining WallMicropiling at Base of Retaining WallDetail Top of Micropile with in Supporting SteelSteel Cage for New Gunite WallSteel Cage for New Gunite WallGunite ProcessSteel Detail, Grade BeamsFinished Grade BeamMicropiling Under HouseSteel, Grade BeamsSteel, Grade Beams